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Tangible physical and cognitive results for patients in clinical settings

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Senior Lifestyles

Promotes physical activity, cognitive stimulation, and social engagement

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SMARTfit App

SMARTfit iOS and Android companion app provides the power to design programs and measure and track performance.

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Train Your Brain While You Work Out!

The SMARTfit®'s range of highly engaging functional and brain training solutions are designed to provide data evidenced individual and group training programs that can be tailored to the level of participants regardless of age or ability. Each system has been carefully conceived to work in markets such as fitness training, sports performance training, medical clinics and physical rehabilitation, active aging programs, and youth programs.

Neurons that Fire Together Wire Together – Hebbian Theory

SMARTfit® gamified programming, embraces Hebbian Theory to simultaneously engage participants in cognitive problem solving and physical movement. This creates a highly energized, invigorating and effective functional training option for anyone seeking to improve their cognitive, neurological and motor efficiency.

SMARTfit’s Apple/Android driven interface provides the tools to tailor activities to any ability level while supplying the data to measure and track progress. Players are motivated to keep returning to improve and track their progress. SMARTfit Functional and Brain Training Explained

Watch Gunnar Peterson, celebrity trainer and strength coach for the LA Lakers, explain SMARTfit®:

  1. 1
    Operate system remotely via iOS / Android mobile application
  2. 2
    Build custom programs from 37 separate categories and 150 free video supported programs
  3. 3
    Adjustable cognitive intensity and physical exertion levels
  4. 4
    Hundreds of unique modes of operation
  5. 5
    Individual user accounts
  6. 6
    Track and record user performance and results
  7. 7
    Store and recall unique user presets
  8. 8
    Coordinated healthcare, and engage patients in varying levels of cognitive intensity.
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