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SMARTfit Brain Health Fitness Programs

Turnkey Programming Designed to Enhance Cognitive and Motor Performance

SMARTfit Overview

Train Human Performance at Any Level

SMARTfit’s 360 Degree Interactive Training Arena Delivers Predesigned Tailorable, Scalable and Measureable Programming

SMARTfit Gamification Explained

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Brain Health for Older Adults

Engaging programming for Active Agers and Seniors that focuses on improving vestibular and cognitive function.

Sports Performance

Visual, reaction and cognitive endurance training for high-performance athletes.

Personal Training and SGT

Personal Training and SGT workouts designed by celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson.

Youth Programs

Functional and brain training for P.E., youth sports, camps, special education, and after school programs.

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Metronome Feature adds Rhythm and Timing Training to Our Neuromotor Training​

This exciting feature takes SMARTfit programming to the next level! Our new Metronome Feature adds additional demands to our Chase games to demand the skills of rhythm and timing while undergoing a task...

Cloud Based

SMARTfit’s programming is now accessible on the Cloud (with personal data protected under HIPAA privacy regulations) providing owners, trainers and clients with access to their personal programs and data from any SMARTfit system.

SMARTfit Android/iOS App User Interface

  • Easy access to programming developed by industry experts.
  • SMARTfit’s wide variety of brain health programs are easy to access and personalize.