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Brain Health, Functional Fitness and Sports Performance Training

SMARTfit Neuro-Cognitive Gym – Programming Designed to Enhance Human Performance in All Populations

Train Human Performance at Any Level

Learn how SMARTfit’s technology can create an interactive training arena that can match the speed of the fastest athlete yet be sensitive enough for a child or a senior.

Gamified Training Simulates Real Life

Celebrity Personal Trainer, Gunnar Peterson, explains the Power of SMARTfit Training

It starts with a game that triggers the desire to play. Then, through engaging repetition powered by the desire to achieve, it rapidly develops skills.


Cognitive Function While Moving


Orthopedic/Neuro Rehab, Autism Spectrum, Return-to-play and Vestibular Health


Mild Cognitive Impairment, Dementia, Falls in Older Adults


Onset of Parkinson’s, MCI, Dementia, loss of Physical Independence


 Sports Performance, Tactical Training, Activities of Daily Living

SMARTfit Neuro-Cognitive Gym

“SMARTfit is the only technology that can scale cognitive demand while concurrently executing a wide variety of physical movements and skills. Progressive increments in cognitive demand while concurrently scaling physical demands ensures leveling and prevents overwhelm or boredom. This allows the concept of demand and supply to produce optimum results for neuroplasticity.  This applies to new learning, recovery and preventions.”  Mike Studer, PT, expert in dual tasking.

Developed by industry experts and scientifically proven to produce fast results, SMARTfit engages players of all ages and abilities with the first-ever comprehensive baseline test of cognitive capabilities while moving, followed by turnkey programs to improve brain health and physical performance.

SMARTfit Turnkey Programs Address Each Domain of The Brain

Brain Health for Older Adults

Engaging programming for independent and  assisted older adults

Sports Performance

Visual, reaction and cognitive endurance training for high-performance athletes.

Personal Training and SGT

Personal Training and SGT workouts designed by celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson.

Youth Programs

Functional fitness and brain training for youth: PE, sports, camps, special education, and after school programs.