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SMARTfit Brain Health Fitness Programs

Turnkey Programming Designed to Enhance Cognitive and Motor Performance

Neuromotor | Vestibular | Reaction | Memory | Orthopedic Rehab
Neuro Rehab | Dual Tasking | Sports Performance | Youth and Pediatric | Active Aging and Senior Care

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Active Aging

Engaging programming for older adults that focuses on improving balance and cognitive function.
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Sports Performance

High performance functional and brain training programs for sports specific applications.
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Creative SGT and personal training workouts for fitness professionals.
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Functional and Brain training for schools, youth clinics, and recreational centers.
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Rehab Applications

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"Here it is! I've been testing cognitive interventions for the last 6 years. AT LAST... This product is THE distruptor that the neuro-motor industry has needed! Kudos to the developers! We are slowing the changes in aging bodies and brains! MyMemoryWorx is pionering the way in Central Illinois!"
Kelly Willenborg
Certified Brain Health Gerontologist

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First Ever Cognitive-Motor Test


First Ever Cognitive-Motor Test

Our new Tests tab offers 15 brand-new cognitive-motor baseline tests that provide insight into brain performance when a person is moving. This is a first-ever capability and provides individuals with the opportunity to track changes in their cognitive-motor competence.

Cloud Based


Cloud Based

SMARTfit’s programming is now accessible on the Cloud (with personal data protected under HIPAA privacy regulations) providing owners, trainers and clients with access to their personal programs and data from any SMARTfit system. This makes it easy to offer standardized programming across multiple locations and for clients to visit different facilities as they continue their training.

SMARTfit Overview

SMARTfit Brain Health Fitness Programs offer a fast-track to significantly enhancing the mental and physical performance we use in everyday life. This is achieved with gamified activities coupled with a technique known as dual-tasking: the simultaneous combining of cognitive and motor tasks. This coupling is proving to accelerate improvements in both cognitive and motor performance in people of all ages and abilities including high performance athletes.

SMARTfit’s gamified activities are easy to learn yet challenging to master, which sets up the perfect conditions to fire up the brain and trigger fast neurogenesis at any level or ability. Each set of categories described in this video addresses multiple domains of the brain while also offering unique cognitive, motor, cardio, and specific skill building challenges, all designed to accelerate the improvement and maintenance of both brain health and physical competence.

SMARTfit Gamification Explained

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SMARTfit’s Brain Health Programs address the specific cognitive and motor training needs of each user and guarantees to be a foundational technology to drive outcomes and profitability