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Activate Brain & Body and SMARTfit: Using Science and Technology to Extend Healthspan

Activate Brain & Body and SMARTfit are on a mission to help people maintain healthy, active lifestyles by pairing technology with science-based programs that can lead to a better brain and body. Their shared goal is to extend healthspan, not just lifespan.

Extensive scientific research shows that challenging the brain and body together using a technique called Dual-Task Training is faster and more effective at activating neuroplasticity in the brain than training the brain and body separately.  Activate has collaborated with SMARTfit for over three years to optimize a program for Dual-Task Training that will be offered in a first-of-its-kind brain and body fitness center in Cincinnati, Ohio in April 2022. SMARTfit, a foundational part of Activate’s programming, was created by leading clinicians, trainers, and engineers.

At their new center, the Activate Brain & Body team of experienced Certified Brain Health Trainers and neuroscience experts created several proprietary workouts, including The Cognitive Circuit™, which uses SMARTfit equipment and technology for Dual-Task Training. With the guidance of highly trained coaches, members will participate in personalized brain-centric programs and workouts designed to build the all-important Physical and Cognitive Reserves that may protect against cognitive decline while positively affecting the body. Research shows that exercise has a profound neuroprotective effect on the brain and that Dual-Task Training not only enhances cognitive function and mood but can also radically improve the trajectory of aging by providing years of healthy living.

Activate CEO John Spence expands on the decision to partner with SMARTfit: “Members tell us that they enjoy having SMARTfit as part of their personalized program. They find the gamified technology unique, fun, engaging, and challenging. In addition, SMARTfit provides assessments, programming, and data for each member that can validate and quantify training progress and inform variations specific to each member.”

To schedule a tour of Activate Cincinnati, call 513-793-2724 or book online at https://www.activatebrainandbody.com/visit-us-cincinnati.

For more information about SMARTfit, visit https://www.smartfit.rocks/demo

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