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Brain Health Programs Focused On Improving Activities of Daily Living (ADL's)

World Class Cognitive and Motor Training Programs Designed for Older Adults Living at Home, in Retirement Communities and in Long-term Care Facilities

SMARTfit brain health and fitness programs provides the tools to efficiently focus on training your brain and body to function efficiently as you grow older

  • Improve ADLs, problem-solving skills and general physical health quickly and efficiently.
  • Attract, engage, and retain residents with a first-class cognitive-motor brain health program.
  • Offer safe and easy deployment directly to resident rooms with our mobile option.
  • Reduce costs related to loss of ADL performance and falls.
  • Monitor results from multiple facilities in real time using the SMARTfit app.
  • Engage residents in social interaction, fun team activities and competition.

"Life is especially good with innovators like you!... "

“Thank you for innovating and producing this important weapon in my war to not only slow the aging of our brains, but to revitalize and refresh them. As a result, you will find me to be a passionate evangelist of SMARTfit."
- Arden

SMARTfit Turnkey Programs Are Available For Everyone Regardless of Age or Ability

Dual Task Training Is Proven To Reduce The Loss Of Cognitive and Motor Decline In Older Adults

SMARTfit Turnkey Programs Are Available For Everyone Regardless of Age or Ability

"I have been working our on SMARTfit for 2 years and it has changed my life. It creates the engagement and demand that makes it all happen. I have a system at my home and often I start with the intention to get in a few minutes' workout. Invariably, it turns out to an hour because it's fun. It is so engaging and fun time flies when I'm working out. I can feel the difference in my daily life. My processing feels quicker and I feel more confident about my ability to take care of myself as I age."
Leslie Brtek
(70 Years old) Retired School Teacher, Santa Barbara, CA.

The Perfect Answer for Active Aging and Senior Living Programs

SMARTfit’s Dual Task Brain Health Programs are delivered through easy-to-learn gamification.

Activities focus on simultaneous training of both cognitive and motor capabilities and can be scaled to suit both the ability and the rate of progress of individual participants:

  • Fun, Engaging and Motivating for both clients and trainers
  • Easy to Learn and implement
  • Evidence-Based Programming offering easy access to progress reporting
  • Highly Interactive via the SMARTfit App – iOS/Android interface
  • Extensive Turnkey Personal and Small Group Training programs delivered at the tap of a finger
  • Instructor Supervised or Self-monitored

A Single Session Using SMARTfit Can Address Multiple Domains of The Brain

  • Memory – Memory pairs, pairing and sequence activities.
  • Attention – Seeking and tracking activities, and cognitive motor dual-tasks
  • Processing speed – Chase the Color, Knock the Lights Out, and tracking activities
  • Executive Functioning – Equations activities, track left/right/both, impulse control training
  • Language – Spelling attention letters (track, seek), memory letters (pair, sequence) 

Learn more about SMARTfit’s Game suites – https://www.smartfit.rocks/customer-resources/SMARTfit-App/

SMARTfit Equipment Supports PT, SGT and Large Group Training Formats

SMARTfit’s turnkey group exercise programs combine team play on the SMARTfit ProTrainer with focuses dual task training on the SMARTfit Mini. 

The combination of these programs offer a clean look for any multipurpose training room while also offering SMARTfit’s full range of programs in circuit or round robin formats.

Brain Health Programs for Assisted and Older Adults

Building lifelong brain & body vitality.


Wellness, Active Aging and Senior Programs

Engaging brain health programs for retirement communities.

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Focused cognitive-motor and vestibular assessment and training programs for seniors. Now on www.SMARTfitOS.com


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