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SMARTfit Brain Health Programs in Retirement Communities Ensure Members Stay in Shape to Enjoy Their Independence

Socially Engaging Cognitive-Motor Training Programs Defy The Aging Process

More than ever, older adults and their concerned children are requiring retirement communities to do more to promote healthy lifestyles, maintain and improve ADL performance, decrease fall risk, and slow or prevent MCI.

SMARTfit technology delivers with the most advanced yet easy-to-implement anchor to a comprehensive, evidence-based Cognitive-Motor Brain Health Program that can be delivered in under 30 minutes.  This includes both a 5-minute cognitive and motor baseline assessment as well as a customized exercise program designed to address specific weaknesses. 

SMARTfit can be delivered room-to-room or in a gym. Residents quickly experience improved function, mood, and confidence from the fun, gamified activities. Facility ROI stems from attracting, engaging, and retaining residents as well as cost savings from ease of implementation.

Design Programming and Monitor Individuals at Multiple Facilities

SMARTfit’s cloud capability allows head office to design programming and monitor individuals who are located in multiple facilities. 

Training Programs Specifically Designed for Senior Living Communities

SMARTfit’s Brain Health Training Programs offer an easy-to-implement solution to help older adults stay physically fit and mentally sharp. SMARTfit’s wide variety of programming solutions allow staff to easily customize programs to match the ability level of participants.

Your wellness specialists can use SMARTfit programming to plan activities designed specifically to provide light to moderate physical exercise routines while simultaneously working to sharpen participants’ cognitive function. Regular motor exercise combined with cognitive exercise, known as dual tasking can offer foundational components of senior health.

"We’re excited because we’re partnering with SMARTfit..."

“One of the crown jewels of our fitness center is the SMARTfit technology. We know it’s not only going to improve our residents’ cognition; it is also going to improve their health.”
Greg Cini
CEAL, CDP, and President/Owner of Kemper House Worthington

Just because Boomers are aging, doesn’t mean they have to stop having fun and engaging in exercise. SMARTfit is ideal for group exercise classes as it captures the social component that lifts mood and infuses a sense of belonging in participants.

SMARTfit’s unique combination of enjoyable, safe and ability-scaled physical activity, cognitive stimulation and social engagement provides a perfect foundation for your active aging and senior fitness programs.

How SMARTfit Works in Active Aging Environments

Your program directors can carefully tailor programs to match the required balance of cognitive intensity and physical exertion to the ability level of your members. The result is that seniors can use SMARTfit casually for an easy and fun quick activity, or, as part of a more structured exercise and brain training regimen.

Active Aging and Independent Living

Building lifelong brain & body vitality.


Senior Living

Engaging brain health programs for retirement communities.

Memory Care, Long Term Care, Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing

Focused cognitive-motor and vestibular assessment and training programs for seniors. Now on www.SMARTfitOS.com

NEW: Learn More About SMARTfit’s Cognitive-Motor Assessment Module:

SMARTfit’s first of a kind cognitive and motor assessment module.  This five-minute test designed for older adults provides the most powerful dual task cost test of cognitive and motor capabilities as a baseline and progress measure.  It also point out to ideal pre-designed workouts that focus on improving weaknesses. (not offered on this website)

See solutions offered with this software license: https://smartfitos.com/coming-in-2020/


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