SMARTfit Featured in CBI Magazine

by Cathi Lamberti SMARTfit

Please view the article below from Club Business International Magazine's May 2019 edition. We appreciate the opportunity to be featured.   

SMARTfit, a new form of mind-body activity, takes functional training to a new level by combining cognitive and motor-skills exercise. Utilizing proprietary equipment—its Strike Pods, Pro Trainer, and Multi-Station Trainer—it produces gamified, multisensory programming that trains the brain to function more efficiently, and provides the body with a cardio and strength workout.

The system requires exercisers to complete multiplanar, upper-and lower-body movements over various distances and in different directions. The goals: to improve agility, balance, flexibility, speed, proprioception, reaction time, coordination, focus, and memory. Participants receive instant feedback via tracked results.

“This is the most powerful and efficient reaction training in the world,” contends Cathi Lamberti, the founder and CEO of the Camarillo, California-based company. “It will continue to integrate with mainstream fitness, and I predict that dual-tasking training will top functional training in two to three years.”

Formerly used primarily in rehab settings, SMARTfit is now utilized in individual and group sessions by athletes and exercisers of all ages and abilities at 350 locations worldwide.

-Julie King,



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