Collegiate Sports

by Cathi Lamberti SMARTfit

Quincy Arceneaux, student-athlete at the University of Eastern New Mexico trained extensively on SMARTfit before heading to College. On his first break he headed straight back for more SMARTfit training.  Find out why: 

"The reason why I’m back for more SMARTfit traiing because I have found significant improvement in my cognitive skills, such as my reactions, my speed time, whenever it came to game speed and the way I’m able to focus whenever I’m on the field. I’m back to improve those skills to make sure I’m at the top of my game."

"SMARTfit has helped my game is visual recognition. What’s important with that is when the ball is snapped, I’m able to recognize a block sooner. That way I can diagnose the play and make it to where I need to be. Also, being able to work on my reaction with my change of direction just in case a play doesn’t go as planned, I’m able to track down that play without seeming lost on the field."

Another improvement that I’ve seen with SMARTfit is my 4th Quarter mentality and the way I’m able to process plays when I’m tired. A lot of people get tired once they’ve reached the 4th Quarter and they aren’t able to think when things are going wrong and their team is losing. They lose focus on what’s on the next play and what’s to come. With SMARTfit I’ve been able to stay focused even when I’m tired, even when it’s the 4th quarter. I’m able to focus on what I need to do to gain more respect from my position, to make more plays and ultimately to win the game."

Quincy's explanation of the benefits he receives from SMARTfit training is aligned with reports we are receiving from athletes from all of the sports.  SMARTfit makes and athlete faster and more efficient because it enhances their ablility to process plays at high speed.