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Gaming is Helping Neuroplasticity in Traumatic Brain Injuries

by Cathi Lamberti SMARTfit

Gaming has been considered by some to be nothing more than a source for laziness. However, with a recent rise in neuroscientific studies regarding the aids of gaming on neuroplasticity and cognitive enhancement, gaming may be the next breakthrough in helping to treat traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).

Brain Training Enhancing Athletic Performance

by Cathi Lamberti SMARTfit

When it comes to the world of athletes there is a lot of tough competition out there. That being said, using specially designed, brain training drills goes a long way towards rising above the crowd. Top coaches, team managers, and personal trainers are giving their athletes a competitive edge by incorporating this beneficial training strategy into their routines.

Top 4 Habits That are Bad for Your Brain

by Cathi Lamberti SMARTfit

Caring for your brain means you must stop damaging it. This means taking active steps to avoid habits that are not beneficial to your brain. And are actually damaging your brain. There are a lot of actions we take each day that are more destructive to our brains than we realize.