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Case Study Reveals Promising Results at Slowing Cognitive Decline

“Doing these exercises makes me feel more excited about being in the world for the next 20-30 years. That’s why I work out on SMARTfit six days a week. It is exciting and makes the demands of me that make it all happen. I feel more focused and clearer mentally, my processing is sharper and quicker and I’m physically fit.” Leslie Brtek, Santa Barbara, CA, retired high school teacher.”

“SMARTfit is changing my life. Eighteen months ago, I began to focus on what I might do to have a healthy and active lifestyle for many years ahead. I understood that balance, memory, and cognition would be big factors going forward. I decided that my next step would be to invest in myself by having a SMARTfit Mini in my home. I was right: I found I always spent more time playing than I had planned because I was having fun! Within a week or two I experienced improvement in my balance, reaction time, and mental acuity. I was hooked.

In June 2019 (now aged 70) I accepted an invitation to participate in a trial where I was given specific dual-tasking exercises that were intended to stimulate specific cognitive-motor parts of the brain. Results were measured with a weekly online battery of cognitive tests. My assigned SMARTfit exercises were more intense than what I had been doing but continued to be motivating and fun. I have been taken to higher levels of performance and my cognitive test scores have indeed gone up. As I improve I am even modifying the original program exercises to be more challenging. I’m excited to learn that brain plasticity doesn’t slow or stop with age if we work at it and I’m thrilled that I am experiencing better health and more productivity as I move into my 70s. I’m convinced that SMARTfit is the key. I love it!”

Read the white paper covering Leslie’s case study here.

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