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Cost Savings of Providing In-Room Brain and Body Training Help to Retain Activities of Daily Living

As we exit the pandemic, retirement facilities are facing skyrocketing costs associated with reduced ADL performance, and cognitive decline among their residents

Maintaining cognitive and physical health is a primary concern for aging adults and their children.  Those considering long-term care options are now seeking brain health programs that prolong independent living.

For many, the trip to the gym is too risky or hard to do and the for facility operators, sending a personal trainer or therapist to bring each person to and from the gym is time consuming and costly.

In creating a cost effective solution we looked to remove the loss of time taken to bring residents to the gym.  Instead, we have provided a solution that can be delivered room-to-room.

Our new portable SMARTfit Mini is the world’s first cognitive-motor test and exercise program that can be safely implemented in under 30 minutes by a single staff person in the privacy of each person’s room.

In addition, we have combined a baseline and progress test that can measure and track the results of each person’s cognitive and motor abilities to provide evidence based marketing tool to promote your business.  For multi-site organizations, SMARTfit’s Cloud based client/trainer management system provides clear reporting on how each resident and trainer is doing in each facility which provides a powerful way to know exactly how each person is progressing.

Schedule a Zoom demonstration to learn more on how you can promote your business with a tool that goes to the heart of what families are prioritizing when it comes to choosing a facility to care for their loved ones.

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