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SMARTfit User Interface App Resource Page

Android/iOS User Interface App Game Categories

Level 1

SMARTfit User Interface

Quick Start – Strike Pods

Quick Start – Mini

Quick Start – Single

Create a new Account on the Cloud

How to Create a Trainer Profile

How to Create a Client Profile

How to Register Your SMARTfit Controller

Modes and License Keys

User Settings

Controller Settings

Switching Between a Local and Cloud Sign In

Trainer Requests and Client Accepts

Updating Software

4 Icons on the Sign in Page

How to Close Your SMARTfit System

Level 2

SMARTfit's Gamified Categories Explained

SMARTfit’s Gamification Explained

Rallywall Category

Track Categories

Seek Categories

Chase Categories


Pattern Recognition

Knock The Lights Out Categories


Equations Categories



Level 3

Mastering SMARTfit

Predesigned Activities

Predesigned Programs

How to Create an Activity

How to Create a Program

How to Set a Featured Activity

Level 4

How to Create a Target Sequence

How to Create a Target Selection

How to Build a Word List

Reporting on a Patients Progress

Exporting Data to An Excel File

Quick Access to Predesigned Programs and Reports

Memory and Balance Training for Seniors

Level 5