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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - General Questions

At this point, we do not do rentals but we do offer financing at very affordable rates to customers with good credit. Monthly fees start as low as $50/month for strike pods and $100/month for a panel-based system.

Yes, we ship to all regions – directly through our international distributors or directly where we do not have a distributor established. Standard 18-month warranty apply in all cases.

Yes, all systems are upgradable over the internet.

There is no subscription fee for content in 2020. There will be the option to subscribe to certain high-level content starting in 2021.

Yes, we offer financing via third party suppliers.

Your SMARTfit Mini or SMARTfit Single controller can operate up to an additional 15 strike pods with or without the panel system. There is no need to buy a full strike pod system. We do recommend that you purchase extra power banks and chargers.

All online purchases ship between 1 -3 weeks from date of order. Shipping within the United States is free.

Strike Pod Systems ship with FedEx/FedEx air or Ground. If strike pod stands are included in the order, then shipment will travel on a pallet by common carrier.

Within the United States, SMARTfit Mini’s and Singles will ship fully assembled on a pallet unless the destination facility does not have a doorway tall enough to receive it or if the system must travel in an elevator. In these cases, it will ship unassembled.

 All other systems ship unassembled.

The SMARTfit Mini, Single and Strike pods utilize an Android/iOS app-based user interface. See video instructions

The ProTrainer and MultiStation Trainers currently use a remote control. However, an upgrade to the app is in the works and will be available in 2020.

The SMARTfit app-based user interface allows you to easily customize what programs you want to see and use.

The SMARTfit Academy Level 1 (coming soon) teaches you how to make good decisions regarding which programs work best in different situations.  However, there are 900 free applications/programs already available at the push of a button.

Accessing these are the easiest way to get started as they are sorted into folders that are specific for each kind of application.

SMARTfit Academy Level 2 (coming soon) offers easy instructions on how to do this.

The SMARTfit user interface offers extensive options to build customized programs and generate customized reports.

SMARTfit Academy Level 3 (coming soon) offers easy instructions on how to achieve this.  You can take baseline reports and compare them with progress reports.  This is highly motivating to users as they can easily track their progress.

We have a downloadable document that will guides you through the process of making the best decision.

Also download the Product Specifications sheets to answer your questions.

First, the systems mechanically are identical but the software and board setting are where the difference lies. The ProTrainer panels/stations are joined and the Multistation Trainer separates them by between 1 to 3 meters.  This is where the difference lies and the consequences are as follows:
1. Because of the space between the stations, it is safer to run larger classes with larger teams on each station.  This allows space for turns in round-the-world games and also for ball play where a wider space is needed for catching the returning balls.
2. The ProTrainers joined panels prevent you from having large teams over 6 just because of safety and you are more restricted in the variety of games for larger teams.
3. The ProTrainer becomes popular because it can operate in both station mode as explained above and, in sports mode where the joined panels all cooperate as a single station for serious sports training.  In other words, in ProTrainer mode, it becomes an electronic backboard for any sports and can simulate the returns from a tennis opponent, goal keeper, or other team as in Volleyball.  As a result, the ProTrainer offers a lot of games that the Multistation Trainer cannot offer.
Ultimately, your decision comes down to:
1. How big are my classes? If more than 20 the go with the Multistation
2. Do we want to offer sports training? If so, go with the ProTrainer.