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Let SMARTfit's Cutting Edge Technology
be the Draw for New Members

Create a Unique Experience for Your Members

  • High performance functional training that includes focus on brain training
  • High energy SGT
  • Unmatched reaction and speed training
  • Great team building
  • Online App access to leaderboards, performance tracking, personalized tracking of progress
  • Fun, fun and more fun

Brain Health Programs In Clubs

Cognitive Gym Offering Brain Health Programs For All Members


Cognitive Performance Training

High Performance Cognitive-Motor Training For All Ages


SMARTfit's gamified programming

Revs up any training program by creating a real competitive environment charged with the mental and physical demands of real competition.

  • Great social engagement while delivering real results
  • Increase retention
  • Attract new demographics
  • Meet the needs of every member

Meet Our Advisor

“SMARTfit merges exercise and performance like nothing else on the market. I hear ‘mind/body’ all the time in the fitness world, but it wasn’t until I saw this technology in action that I realized what mind/body could be for athletes and others of all ages and abilities.
SMARTfit is the real mind/body training tool and I am thrilled to take an active role in programming for this cutting-edge company.”

Gunnar Peterson NSCA-CPT
Strength Coach, Los Angeles Lakers

Gunnar Peterson, NSCA-CPT

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Tandem Stance

Bosu Crunch

  • FUN: A social experience for your members
  • MOTIVATE: Competition with self or group/team
  • ENGAGE: Brain, social interation, play, team building
  • ENJOY: Desire to keep coming back
  • IMPROVE: Mental processing speed and efficiency, speed/agility, balance/stabilization, sports skills, cardio fitness


SMARTfit ProTrainer

SMARTfit ProTrainer 2

SMARTfit Mini

Strike Pods