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Brain Fitness,
The Next Evolution PT & SGT Programming

Brain Health Personal and Small Group Training Programs

SMARTfit programs offer an exciting new focus on neurological and cognitive fitness for athletes, active agers, and millennials who enjoy the motivation received from gamefied workout programs where training can be as fun and intense as real competition.

Adding SMARTfit functional and brain fitness training program to your facility is a fun way to enhance member retention.

Brain Health Programs In Clubs

Cognitive Gym Offering Brain Health Programs For All Members


Cognitive Performance Training

High Performance Cognitive-Motor Training For All Ages

Brain Fitness Classes Energizes Engagement

SMARTfit gamefied programming is a perfect functional and brain training solution for SGT classes as it attracts new demographics, promotes exciting new programming and increases retention. It is a great way to add FUN back into SGT classes while also producing rapid results and improved social interaction where a demanding workout can feel more like play than hard work.

How SMARTfit® Can Improve Your Small Group Training Programs

The perfect addition to SGT:

  • FUN – A Social experience for your members.
  • MOTIVATING: Competition with self or group/team.
  • ENGAGING: Brain, Social Interaction, Play, Team Building.
  • ENJOYMENT: Desire to keep coming back.
  • IMPROVE: Cognitive function, speed/agility, balance/stabilization, sports skills, cardio fitness.
Cathi and Leslie on SMARTfit

SMARTfit functional and brain training offers an attractive option for modernizing any SGT program by adding the important element of fun through its gamified programming. 

Classes focusing on balance stabilization, mental agility, sports skills, HIIT and speed and reaction training can substantially boost attendance. Tracking performance on personal iOS/Android companion App will keep members engaged and competitive with self and members of the group.


SMARTfit ProTrainer

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SMARTfit Mini

SMARTfit Single

Strike Pods

SMARTfit Android/iOS App User Interface

  • Easy access to programming developed by industry experts.
  • SMARTfit’s wide variety of brain health programs are easy to access and personalize.