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Cognitive and Motor Efficiency
Personal Training Programs

SMARTfit Personal Training Programs for Athletes, Boomers, Active-agers, and Millennials.

integrate functional, HIIT, core and cardio fitness with cognitive fitness to create a versatile and challenging personal training experience. SMARTfit’s gamified multi-sensory interactive technology makes fitness fun, engages the body and brain simultaneously and motivates participants of all ages and abilities.

Brain Health Programs In Clubs

Cognitive Gym Offering Brain Health Programs For All Members


Cognitive Performance Training

High Performance Cognitive-Motor Training For All Ages

Integrating Cognitive Training into Personal Training Routines

  • FUN – A New & Unique experience for your members.
  • Fitness – Cardio, functional, core, balance, flexibility, range of motion, full body multi-planar movement
  • Cognitive – attention and focus, memory, decision making under pressure, improved executive function
  • Neuro/Motor – balance/stabilization, speed & agility, visual/auditory processing, proprioception, reaction speed, hand/eye/foot and cross lateral coordination, vestibular training
  • Social – enjoyment, team building, inclusion, competition, confidence

Serious fitness trainers continue to search for new ways to extract the best possible results and performances from their clients. SMARTfit functional and brain training programs offer a wide range of cutting edge pre-programmed personal training options that are easy to implement. SMARTfit’s iOS/Android App allowes trainers to review video footage of each activity prior to operation making it easy to ensure correct execution.

SMARTfit Functional and Brain Fitness Training as a Component of Every Personal Training Session

SMARTfit functional and brain training programs offers personal trainers a great way to differentiate their services by integrating ten to fifteen minutes of customized neurological efficiency training into their programs thus enhancing important areas of training such as balance and stability for seniors and active-agers, or speed/reaction training for athletes.

Fitting Functional and Brain Training Into Personal Training Workflows

SMARTfit functional and brain training lets a personal trainer pre-design and customize individual training programs for their clients in advance of their work day or week. These are saved in their iOS/Android App until the client shows up. Then, at the touch of a button, the program executes on the SMARTfit system automatically, allowing the trainer to focus fully on thier clients form and execution.

SMARTfit functional and brain training allows personal trainers to add a new element to their training activities which works to build the mental fortitude, focus, and cognitive strength that is not easily achieved through physical training alone.


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