SMARTfit® Functional and Brain Training: Focus on Neurological Health and Efficiency

The concept that there is a symbiotic relationship between cognitive enhancement and physical activity and exercise is fairly well ingrained into the general public consciousness. It’s generally understood that physical exercise helps to improve cognitive abilities and brain structure, which has positive effects on the rest of the brain & body.

It is well documented that physical activity and cognitive stimulus, both in succession or in simultaneous execution, can create and promote accelerated cognitive and motor efficiency. "SMARTfit® Functional and Brain Training" is the core concept behind the training methods employed in SMARTfit® applications. By simultaneously stimulating multiple levels of the neurological system with a variety of sensory inputs, aspects of cognitive function and the physical-motor system can improve rapidly, making it extremely valuable in many settings. These include fitness training, sports training, medical rehabilitation, education, and age-related cognitive decline.

A trainer or specialist can assess specific individual needs (developing motor skills, recovering from an injury, improving problem solving ability, et al.), create cognitively enhanced physical training techniques and then build these into a SMARTfit® training program with the ultimate goal of meeting the assessed needs.

Perceptual-Cognitive-Motor Skill Training and Perceptual-Cognitive-Action Processing

The SMARTfit® design feature that is most appealing to sports performance training and rehab is its capability for conducting perceptual-cognitive-motor skill training. Perceptual-cognitive skill refers to the ability of an individual to locate, identify, and process environmental information so as to integrate it with existing knowledge and current motor capabilities in order to select and execute appropriate actions. The perception-cognition-action (PCA) processing sequence is the fundamental basis by which we interact with the environment. The brain, of course, mediates between the sensory input and motor output via the PCA processing sequence to produce meaningful action.

SMARTfit®: The Tool of the Master Coach, Instructor, Teacher, and Clinician

SMARTfit® provides instructors with the tool to tailor, measure, and validate specific training protocols to meet the exact needs of their clients and, based on real data provided, incrementally step up challenges as they progress. In order to ensure the progressive development of the client(s), effective training activities will depend on the knowledge, experience, and skill of the instructors and their ability to program the SMARTfit® system. The SMARTfit® system provides an entire ecosystem in which specialists can design cognitively enhanced physical training programs for a wide variety of general or specialized needs.

Neurogenesis and Myelination of Neurons: A multisensory approach combined with repetitive, tailored, trackable programming

Physical training, whether for general health and movement, for high performance sports, or for post-injury rehabilitation, requires the development of healthy, permanent neurons. SMARTfit® Technology offers an efficient and effective path to achieve this. either under the direction of a trainer or via a self-managed approach. SMARTfit®’s Android/iOS driven app allows owners to select the option of an open or closed platform depending on whether or not they want the data protected.

Either way, it is achieved as follows:

A. Engagement - triggering high levels of cognitive engagement using gamification and data tracking to spark development of new neurons and boost participation;

B. Multisensory Execution – drawing on the Nobel Prize winning Hebbian Theory principle (2011), which explains that “neurons that fire together wire together” to generate new and more complex connections. With promising research showing that training multiple systems of the brain and the body can significantly improve cognitive function, SMARTfit® employs these concepts to develop strategic programs and techniques;

C. Repetitive and Adaptive Play - achieving mastery by strengthening neurons and making them permanent. Put simply, a healthy neuron needs a strong shield or sheath, called myelin, for it to function like a superhighway and maintain permanence. The thicker the myelin sheath, the more permanent and more efficient the neurons. This is achieved by repeated play of the same activity that actually produces mylenation. Practice makes perfect.

Talent and skill are born and developed through engagement, deep practice and master coaching. SMARTfit® is unrivaled as a tool to achieve these results quickly and efficiently, in a controlled and scalable way.