SMARTfit® Explained by founder and CEO - Cathi Lamberti

All species on Earth are divided into two categories:

It can be accepted that movement and having a brain are integrally tied together for many reasons. Over time, this connection was primarily tied to survival, using the executive function of the brain to decide on an action and then the rest of the body/brain executing on the decision whether it was for food, shelter or defense/offense. This Visual-cognitive-sensory-motor interaction provided life with its key tools to evolve.

Over the past hundred years we have been developing technologies to do our moving/work and humans are engaging in this kind of cognitive-motor engagement with life less than ever. This is resulting in an explosion of inactivity related health conditions that now threaten our long-term health as a species.

I believe SMARTfit technology can assist by recreating rehab/exercise programs that simulates the way we evolved while also being deliverable in a tailorable, scalable, trackable and measurable way to suite each individual regardless of age or ability.

SMARTfit can be used to capture the evidence of conditions, the treatment/training, and the progress of the interaction between the cognitive and motor functions. This information can also provide evidence of the progress and reversal of this interaction at a DNA level which can lead to a breakthrough in understanding the affects of inactivity on human health as well as provide a pathway to scientifically validated solutions.