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SMARTfit® Matching Grant Application

Apply for a grant if you are a non-profit organization and let us give you the tools to raise the balance.

Do you see a system that you like but need help to raise the funds? We can help by giving you the tools to make this happen quickly:

1. Choose which of the following systems you want:

  • Strike Pod System
  • SMARTfit® Trainer 2
  • SMARTfit® Single Trainer
  • SMARTfit® Mini Trainer
  • SMARTfit® ProTrainer

2. Apply for a grant to kick-start your campaign by filling out the form below. Our grant funders will evaluate your application and let you know how much they will contribute to your campaign.

3. If you are approved, you will be notified and invited to set up a secure account for your campaign and your grant will be applied towards paying for your preferred system.

4. As soon as you have reached your goal, you will be notified that you have earned your system and arrangements will be made for delivery, installation and training.

Application form