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International Concern Over Cognitive Decline Among Older Adults Puts SMARTfit on the Frontlines of the Battle

In July, our team journeyed to Singapore for an exciting launch of SMARTfit in S.E. Asia with our distribution partners, United BMEC, whose initial focus is to provide SMARTfit Dual-Task training solutions focused on Dementia Prevention. A series of workshops and presentations were organized with rehabilitation professionals and at the largest hospital in Singapore, St. Luke’s Hospital.

Cognitive disorders are expected to reach an astounding 74.7m people globally by 2030, and even more astounding, it’s estimated that 131.5m people by 2050 will have some type of MCI.  It’s no doubt that cognitive disorders will have a massive global impact. Prevention must start early.

With Asia reflecting the highest risk, United BMEC has decided to embrace SMARTfit to lead an aggressive program to mitigate this situation.

Ryan Glatt | BSc. Exercise Science, KMI, FAFS, SMARTfit Clinical Programming director, and Cathi Lamberti, Founder and CEO, jointly presented on the topic of “Combining Cognitive and Motor Training for Optimal Brain Health” to about 300+ individuals.  The response was resoundingly positive, and we plan to duplicate this clinical education model via web-based certification courses in the forthcoming SMARTfit Academy.

SMARTfit’s Role in Active Aging and Wellness

Unlike other demographic populations, because people reach their senior years having accumulated a lifetime of cognitive and orthopedic health conditions, programming for older adults need to be very specific and virtually ‘tailor-made’ to each individual yet easy to deliver in a one-on-one or small group training situation.

SMARTfit’s active aging programming is offered at 3 levels:

  1. Programming focused on Baby boomers who have reached retirement and plan to make the most of their retirement years by staying mentally and physically fit;
  2. Programming focused on Wellness where individuals have suffered a setback and now plan to recover  can maintain in order to regain a quality of life and independence;
  3. Programming focused on seniors suffering from MCI and/or physical impairments who are seeking to extend and enjoy a quality of life as long as possible.

Heirachy of Function Aging

While SMARTfit offers specific turnkey programming for each of these populations, the company is also focusing on providing direction to facilities on how to support their staff with the implementation of programming that sustains.  This means it must be easy to implement, easy to customize, and easy to assess clients entering the program as well as assess their progress.

By partnering with 3rd party providers of cognitive assessment tests, SMARTfit is helping facilities to identify the specific SMARTfit exercises suitable for training each of the primary cognitive domains based on test results. So far, they are finding compatibility with both the Cambridge, and Cognivue tests which both make it easy to categorize test results into five primary domains: Memory, Attention, Processing Speed, Executive Function and Language.

Once this is accomplished, SMARTfit trainers can quickly choose a program that matches one or multiple domains.

5 Key Parts of the Brain

Why SMARTfit?

SMARTfit utilizes a combination of dual-tasking and gamification to not only accelerate results but to also make workout sessions fun, social, engaging and motivating. Many patients forget they are even doing therapy/exercise and look forward to connecting with their friends.  Classes are filled with the sounds of whoops, hand slapping and laughter where women fair well at challenging their male participants.

SMARTfit’s 600+ video supported activities are easily customized to suit each participant whether it’s the fastest athlete or the frailest of TBI patients.  It is easy to make a quick adjustment of the parameters to dial in the specific needs, run programs and generate reports.

If you are interested in learning more about SMARTfit programming and clinical presentations for the Active Aging & Wellness markets, please contact us.

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