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Motion 4 Life is Celebrated as Our First Fitness Club to Embrace a SMARTfit Active Aging Program

Motion 4 Life Fitnesslocated in Carmel, Indiana, is a state-of-the-art fitness club dedicated to offering all of the programs and amenities in an atmosphere where older adults feel at home. It was founded by Carol Weesner, MD, an Emergency Medicine Physician who became concerned about the number of older adults admitted to the ER after a fall. She decided to do something about it by creating a club that embraces safe and appropriate exercise in a welcoming and supportive environment that members call their own personal “CHEERS.”

In early August the SMARTfit team was in the region and decided to drop in to upgrade Motion 4 Life’s SMARTfit system and offer free refresher training for the staff. They were delighted to meet some of the members whose camaraderie and enthusiasm for health was palpable. Staff members were very pleased to learn that the upgrade will also allow future upgrades to take place over the internet.

Motion 4 Life is a facility dedicated to teaching its members to embrace a healthy lifestyle in addition to just exercise. This philosophy has resulted in an individualized exercise and nutrition program for each member based on their health history.  

SMARTfit Updates 

Our Senior Trainer, TJ Fairchild, performed updates to the facility’s SMARTfit Trainer while founder Cathi Lamberti took time to connect with the members and staff, noting that they couldn’t be more excited to implement the new SMARTfit turnkey active aging programs and activities into their small group and personal training sessions. 

Karena Monson says, “I’m a personal trainer here at Motion 4 Life Fitness. We’ve had our SMARTfit for over a year here in our facility. Currently, we have been using it for balance training during our small group instruction. With this big update to our software we’re excited to start working more with a Parkinson’s program as well as including more cognitive games with our current group exercise classes.”

Motion 4 Life 2

A Focus on Active Aging 

Karena continues, “Our gym is focused on older adults and our members range in age from late thirties to late eighties.”

Because Motion 4 Life’s focus is building independent and healthy lifestyles for active agers, SMARTfit is playing an important and key role in helping their members to: 

  • Improve balance and stability via dual-task cognitive-motor training 
  • Improve memory and cognitive processing skills  
  • Improve mobility and motor skills by strengthening muscles and joints to help prevent falls 
  • Engage in social integration and team play via SMARTfits gamified group exercise programs

SMARTfit is Fun! 

While SMARTfit programs are designed to help build strength and maintain motor skills, it also plays a key role in preventing and slowing cognitive decline. What makes SMARTfit Programming popular is that it is FUN and easy to implement to match the individual abilities of members and to ensure they are being challenged without being overwhelmed.

Dave Stewart, Director of Personal Training, emphasizes, Our members are excited when they see the SMARTfit. Not only does SMARTfit play an important role in our programming, our members always have a lot fun with the interactive exercises.”



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