SMARTfit® ProTrainer

The SMARTfit® ProTrainer can be configured in two, three, or four connected sections to form an integrated electronic backboard, or, form competing stations aligned side-by-side. Each section hosts its own scoreboard and 9 strike/touch-sensitive targets which register location of a strike.

When operating as an electronic backboard, the sections register a single score. When operating as stations, each station will register its own competing score. This versatility offers the benefits of both large group/team training as well as for ball sports where the system doubles as a responding opponent. The ProTrainer adjustable sensing system can withstand impact from hands, feet, boxing gloves, and any air-filled medicine or sports ball.

The Professional Functional, Brain and Sport Performance Training

Most games are won in the fourth quarter when players peak with cognitive and physical exhaustion. This is when the brain shuts down and the ball can look like an aspirin travelling at 200 mph. Commanding the winning edge requires training at levels that demand cognitively while the athlete is operating at peak physical output. The SMARTfit® ProTrainer offers scalable programming that meets athletes at their best and takes them to where the fourth quarter can be experienced as a slow motion game.

Professional Functional, Brain and Sports Performance Training.

For serious sports performance and fitness trainers, SMARTfit® ProTrainer provides programming for simulating real sports scenarios. The highly engaging training helps users build tangible skills including improved reactions, speed, coordination, balance, visual processing, decision-making under pressure, and ball control, placement and accuracy. The versatility of the ProTrainer creates an exciting new option for fitness and sports performance facilities.

  • Withstands high levels of impact and pressure on its touch points
  • Character/image specific illumination targets
  • Customizable touch sensitivity
  • Adjustable target engagement to simulate real sports scenarios
  • Link up to four ProTrainer station to simulate real sports for competition and team training games

Product Specification Sheets

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ProTrainer Spec Sheet
Protrainer Spec Sheet
ProTrainer Spec Sheet - Metric
Protrainer Spec Sheet Metric

Choose Your SMARTfit® ProTrainer

SMARTfit ProTrainer 2

Includes 2 joined stations – 7′ 8″ x 7′ 8″ featuring 18 multifunctional targets and SMARTfit™ software license featuring 88 released games. The systems can function as a multistation system or as one integrated system.

SMARTfit ProTrainer 3

Includes 3 joined stations – 11′ 6″ x 7′ 8″ featuring 27 multifunctional targets incorporating 88 released games. The systems can function as a multistation system or as one integrated system.

SMARTfit ProTrainer 4

Includes 4 joined stations – 15′ 4″ x 7′ 8″ featuring 27 multi-functional targets incorporating 88 released games. The systems can function as a multi-station system or as one integrated system.

Application Companion

SMARTfit® Protrainer is a multi-station functional and brain training system designed with each station featuring its own scoreboard and nine multi-function targets connected to a central CPU featuring a central time clock. Each target display is driven by its own computer which sycs with the CPU to provide coordinated interaction with players. Instructors can configure a comprehensive collection of workouts, drills, and training modes to fit a variety of training scenarios ranging from choice of sports equipment and modes of play; high cardio to low cardio; and high cognitive to low cognitive play. Instructors can control the CPU from a handheld remote control from any location within the gym. Coming soon: SMARTfit iOS/Android companion App.

  1. 1
    Operate system remotely via iOS / Android mobile application
  2. 2
    Build custom programs from 37 separate categories and 150 free video supported programs
  3. 3
    Adjustable cognitive intensity and physical exertion levels
  4. 4
    Hundreds of unique modes of operation
  5. 5
    Individual user accounts
  6. 6
    Track and record user performance and results
  7. 7
    Store and recall unique user presets
  8. 8
    Coordinated healthcare, and engage clients in varying levels of cognitive intensity.

Our Scientific Advisors

Our scientific advisors have an amazing collection of credentials and include individuals who represent prestigious clinical organizations and are actively working as authorities in their fields of study.

Beth Fisher
“Everything in Parkinson’s research points to the need for combining cognitive challenges with physical activities- I cannot think of a better way to do that than with SMARTfit.”
Professor of Clinical Physical Therapy Director, Neuroplasticity and Imaging Laboratory Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy University of Southern California
Christopher Powers
“SMARTfit takes the focus of the player off the mechanics and moves it to the external, forcing the brain to solve two problems at the same time. It solves the big missing part in rehab because we want carry-over onto the field. SMARTfit is a great tool to test if that is happening. Further studies will help us to measure its full effectiveness.”
USC Professor
Director, Biokinesiology Program
Co-Director, Biomechanics Research Lab
Charles Y. Liu
“I am extremely intrigued and optimistic that SMARTfit will prove to be an exceptionally effective and important tool that combines cognitive and motor training in unique and endless combinations to address a multitude of indications within the athletic and medical realms.”
Professor, Neurosurgery, Neurology, and Biomedical Engineering USC Director, USC Neurorestoration Center
Charles Flowers
“I have been using SMARTfit on patients who have post-concussion syndrome and seeing most of their symptoms completely resolved within 2-3 weeks. I look forward to conducting a formal study to validate my findings.”
Clinical Associate Professor of Opthamology at USC Roski Eye Institute at Keck School of Medicine
Director of Sports Vision Training and Visual Rehab Center at USC Roski Eye Institute
SMARTfit® ProTrainer
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