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SMARTfit Chosen by Stawell Community Center

“I am so excited to finally see SMARTfit in our facility.  I trained on SMARTfit when I was in LA and came home determined to get it at our community center.  We have just installed the SMARTfit ProTrainer, a SMARTfit Single and two sets of SMARTfit Strike Pods which will be used by all of our members from youth to seniors to athletes.” Emma Gray, community director. “We are also going to use the systems for outreach to early childhood programs. I can’t wait to introduce our members to all of the exciting cognitive fitness programs.”

Emma first trained on SMARTfit in Los Angeles and returned to Australia determined to introduce SMARTfit to her community.  Three months later, she raised the funds, purchased the systems and today, her dream is fulfilled.  Congratulations, Emma.  This is a clear demonstration of the power of your intention.

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