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SMARTfit is Helping to Keep Clients Safe While They Exercise on SMARTfit

Now, more than ever during this lock down, everyone, especially our seniors need to be exercising regularly. It is not only important for physical health, it is critical for brain health and reducing anxiety and depression.  Doing it safely is the challenge.

The SMARTfit team has been working hard to make sure we keep our clients and especially our seniors safe while we add excellent new programming designed to keep them engaged and having fun.

This video shows you how to execute a program without having to come within 6′ of your clients. You can now log into your client’s profile ahead of the session, design the workout for the day and have it ready to go by the time they arrive.

After wiping down the system with disinfectant, you should be ready to go in minutes and free to focus on keeping them challenged, engaged and having fun.

SMARTfit’s new HIPPA secure cloud-based system now allows trainers to log into the system from home and plan out the session without having to physically present in the building. After the session, they can view the progress and plan out the next session prior to arrival.

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