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SMARTfit Offers an Efficient and Engaging Path to Recovery

Concerned About Rising Costs Due to Loss of ADL’s, Balance, Cognitive and Mental Health?

As we plan to exit the pandemic, we know senior living and long-term care facilities are facing the risks of skyrocketing costs and lower resident confidence associated with reduced ADL performance, falls, and cognitive decline.

Maintaining cognitive and physical health is a primary concern for aging adults and their children.  Those considering long-term care options are looking for engaging solutions that maintain or improve ADL (activities of daily living) performance, reduce fall risk, prevent or slow MCI, and more.

As a result, our customers asked us for a portable version of SMARTfit so they could cost-effectively and safely deliver an effective, engaging brain-health assessment and training program directly to residents in their room.

New Product Release designed to take training to your clients:

Our new portable SMARTfit Mini is the world’s first cognitive-motor test and exercise program that can be safely implemented in under 30 minutes by a single staff person in the privacy of each person’s room.

Residents will feel more comfortable and confident from the private sessions and quick results, and you’ll see a strong ROI from the cost savings and marketing potential of a proven brain health program.

SMARTfit technology delivers with a comprehensive, evidence-based, and economical solution for a Cognitive-Motor Brain Health Program.  Accurately assess clients with the world’s first 5-minute baseline test of cognitive capabilities while moving.

Follow with personalized 20-minute training sessions to improve identified weaknesses and monitor progress.  Clients gain improved functionality, mood, and confidence from the fun, gamified activities. Facilities see a quick ROI from reduced staff and operating costs.

For more information, visit the SMARTfit websites:

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