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SMARTfit’s Functional and Cognitive Training for Active Agers

“Doing these exercises makes me feel more excited about being in the world for the next 20-30 years.

That’s why I work out on SMARTfit six days a week. It is exciting and makes the demands of me that make it all happen. I feel more focused and clearer mentally, my processing is sharper and quicker and I’m physically fit.” Leslie Brtek, Santa Barbara, CA, retired high school teacher.”

SMARTfit Cognitive-Motor Programs Take Functional Training to The Next Level, Perfect For Active Agers and Older Adults

Today’s baby boomers, now in larger numbers and with greater disposable income than ever, are looking to maximize their independence as they turn to enjoy the freedom their hard-earned savings have bought them.  That said, most fear losing physical independence and the consequential loss of financial independence should they encounter a fall or failing mental faculties.

The fitness industry is yet to fully to recognize this need as they focus on millennials.  Older adults have the time, money and need for solutions that meet their needs.  Their needs are different in that they require less HIIT and more mental engagement, social connection, and lower body strength training. Here are four key elements that a good exercise program for active aging should embrace:

Physical Exercise

As people age, maintaining strength and balance is an important component of injury and fall prevention. Falls are a leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries and in the U.S. an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall every 11 seconds.

SMARTfit’s Active Aging Programming helps with injury prevention by training hand-eye-feet coordination, postural control, and multi-directional movement through a variety of exercises that incorporate mental and cognitive demands simultaneously.

Mental Exercise

As we age, our minds begin to slow and certain cognitive abilities start to decrease. Depression and isolation can also play a deleterious role in overall brain health.

Active agers need to keep their minds stimulated to boost their confidence and to sharpen their memory.

SMARTfit helps active agers improve their cognitive wellness through gamified visual-cognitive-motor activities. Enjoyable play in conjunction with cooperation, inclusion, and competition helps active agers boost their confidence, self-esteem and cognitive ability.


We all love to play games, and active agers are no different. Engaging in meaningful play helps us continue to feel alive, and to remain engaged and socially connected.

The SMARTfitOS system uses sound, score, and timing measures to produce data in real-time and through retrospective reporting. With over 600 customizable activities and more to come, SMARTfitOS can be fully customized to train memory and cognitive skills via gamification. More importantly, simultaneous engagement of the motor system with cognitive decision making and problem-solving has proven to deliver faster results.


Modifying and adapting to a specific individual’s needs is vital to any active aging program. Each individual is different in their mobility, cognitive status and physical function. The SMARTFfit platform provides the ability to combine, modify and implement an endless variety of cognitive and physical demands so that individuals are constantly challenged relative to their skill level.

SMARTfit can be offered as a personal training solution or in a SGT format which includes 4-6 participants.  This a usually fun-filled highly energizing.  The social connection promotes exercise adherence which translates directly to retention.

“”SMARTfit has provided our facility a turnkey solution to providing cognitive-motor training in a clinical settings that is scalable, repeatable, and measurable. From dual-task assessment to programming targeted interventions, SMARTfit is the only reliable tool we feel exists to provide innovative programming for a wide variety of populations in need of both physical and cognitive stimulation.” – Ryan Glatt – Bsc. Exercise Science, KMI, FAFS.

SMARTfit incorporates cognitive and physical exercise into a fun and exciting active aging program.

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