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SMARTfit's Gamification Explained

This video covers the Categories offered within the SMARTfit user interface app. Categories are defined as the gamified activities that make up the foundation of SMARTfit’s programming.

Each Set of Categories presents a unique cognitive and motor training component for participants that can be customized to match and challenge their physical and mental capability, regardless of their ability level.

This way, skill building takes place in a controlled and measured way ensuring the best balance of challenge and safety.


User settings within each game allow trainers to precisely control how their clients are challenged and trained. SMARTfit’s power report generator offers evidence-based progress reports in PDF or Excel format.

The SMARTfit platform is more than a product line in that it includes its own operating system specifically designed to deliver high speed interaction between the App, the Controller and up to 128 sensitized target screens, each driven by its own computer. 

The purpose is to create a controlled and scalable environment for the patient/trainee to interact with in the fastest possible human cognitive-motor response time.  This is achieved by delivering specific content to the screens designed to have them interact with them using their neuromotor systems in a way that simulates the way they interact with the real world.

SMARTfit Android/iOS App User Interface

  • Easy access to programming developed by industry experts.
  • SMARTfit’s wide variety of brain health programs are easy to access and personalize.