Speed, Skill, and Reaction Development for Youth Sports Programs


Speed, Skill, and Reaction Development for Youth Sports Programs

SMARTfit's gamified programming excels in preparing athletes for real competition. The same physical and mental challenges that help professional athletes achieve elevated levels of cognitive-motor expertise can be applied to help young athletes develop their talent and skills in new ways.


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activities for youth sports

Performing at all level involves more than just physical training. Great athletes have to learn to dual task by incorporating both efficient cognitive and motor performance simultaneously. SMARTfit helps athletes accomplish this quickly and efficiently giving them a winning edge.

SMARTfit meets and matches any athletes own level of play and challenges them to improve. Training with SMARTfit improves sports skills such as speed, reaction times, ball control, accuracy, core balance, visual-motor coordination and peripheral visual awareness. By improving these skills, young athletes make faster, smarter decisions under pressure.

SMARTfit gamified programming gives athletes fresh activities to keep workouts interesting yet as challenging as real competition, conditioning mind and body in new ways which trainsfers to real improved performance during match play.

SMARTfit's Powerful User-friendly App Puts Everything at Your Fingertips:

Keeping workouts new and interesting while developing the cognitive focus and mental sharpness of young athletes perfectly fills the need for a universal training method that sports specialists have sought for decades. The SMARTfit system is being widely implemented in a variety of athletic programs. Please request a consultation to discuss your youth sports program.

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