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Cognitive, Motor, Fitness
and Sports Training for Youth

SMARTfit Functional Cognitive Gym Helps Kids Gain the Academic Edge

  • Increase MVPA (moderate to vigorous physical activity) to Over 50% of Class-Time
  • Progressive Ability Programming
  • Meet the Needs of Every Child
  • Encourage Team Participation
  • Develop Vital Learning and Motor Skills

SMARTfit Functional Cognitive Gym Explained

SMARTfit takes functional training to the next level with the addition of scalable cognitive and motor training.  This aligns with dual task training used in rehab which has been scientifically proven to be the essential link between physical and cognitive performance for all ages and abilities.  

SMARTfit accelerates the speed and effectiveness of this training with the addition of gamification to simultaneously fire up the combined engagement of both brain and body.  Gamification is not only fun, it also produces faster results.

SMARTfit measures and challenges the full range and highest level of cognitive, sensory, motor, and physical capabilities offering turnkey solutions for every application and including pre-designed programming for every participant.  Performance tracking, scaling, and reporting is quick and easy to generate providing the most effective evidence-based training available. 

SMARTfit-Value-of-Gamification SM

SMARTfit MultiTrainer for Youth

The perfect solution for large group training as each station can accommodate up to 12 team participants. Stations can be located up to 6′ apart to allow wider space for activities such as ball play. View Multi-Stations.

SMARTfit Strike Pods for Youth

Perfect for non-permanent locations. Pods can be spread up to 100′ apart indoors or outdoors. Traffic delineator stands allow for easy set-up. Add up to ten additional targets for large groups. View Strike Pods.

SMARTfit ProTrainer for Youth

For large group and team training where ball sports are played. Includes programming for multi-station play as well as backboard play to simulate soccer/football goal, Volleyball/tennis net line. View ProTrainers.

Youth Home

A new approach to combined exercise, learning, and fun.


Kids Clubs and After-School Programs

Stimulating activities give you the academic edge regardless of age and ability level.


Engaging fitness and action based learning of academic content for early childhood, elementary and special needs kids.

Special Needs

Proven cognitive, motor and fitness activities for child care, and child development.

The Model

SMARTfit engages youth of all ages and abilities in action-based learning and exercise using captivating, interactive technology to spark participation. SMARTfit’s powerful performance tracking and monitoring system is highly engaging and motivating while providing objective evidence of progress.

  • Have Fun
  • Ease of Use
  • Fast Set Up
  • User Interface that drives the Model – iOS/Android interface
  • Gain greater levels of cognitive, motor and physical efficiency in record time.

SMARTfit Technology

SMARTfit technology combines key elements to create a unique, fun, measurable and highly effective multisensory training experience.

  • Can be used by everyone – regardless of age and ability
  • Provides instant feedback through performance tracking and reporting
  • Delivers quick results and cuts the learning curve
  • Create a fun & social environment
  • Social & team interaction

SMARTfit Youth Programming

An engaging new training method for youth of all ages

Instructor Portal

  • Dashboard view of child’s overall progress
  • Generate, print or email child’s progress
  • Create unlimited number of accounts
  • Regular software upgrades available for download through the SMARTfit App

SMARTfit Youth Benefits

  • Improve academic performance
  • Improve health and fitness
  • Build strength, motor and sports skills
  • Increase focus and attention span
  • Develop and sharpen social skills
  • Have fun and learn to play
  • Improve focus and attention
  • Reduce bullying and out-of-school suspensions through natural team play

Improve PE Performance

  • Throwing, catching and kicking
  • Tracking, conditioning, accuracy, placement.
  • Footwork, ball speed and control, quickness, speed and agility

Improve Academic Performance

  • Processing information faster
  • Building memory, retention and recall
  • Increasing Attention Span
  • Improving executive function

SMARTfit improves academic performance for kids who can’t sit still to long periods and helps youth explore physical exercise in a fun social environment where they develop the skills to play sports in an nonthreatening environment.


SMARTfit ProTrainer

SMARTfit ProTrainer 2

SMARTfit MultiStation

SMARTfit Multistation 4

Strike Targets

Single Trainer

SMARTfint Single Trainer

SMARTfit Android/iOS App User Interface

  • Easy access to programming developed by industry experts.
  • SMARTfit’s wide variety of brain health programs are easy to access and personalize.