Immersive Activity for Recreation Centers.

Engaging Gamified Workouts for Youth Recreational Centers

SMARTfit® has designed a range of highly engaging functional and brain training programs for use in youth recreational centers. Kids Clubs and youth recreational centers that provide after-school and recreational activities offer multiple benefits for children and youth of all ages and ability levels. SMARTfit® programming adds exciting fitness and learning options for Kids Clubs, Teen Centers, and other youth organizations. Our technology offers skill and learning based workouts designed to cater to large numbers with minimal staff. SMARTfit® systems offer functional, motor and brain training activities that promote social engagement and develop sports skills while enhancing the mental conditions for learning.

SMARTfit for Kids
SMARTfit @ Fuze Fit For a Kid

Active Kids are Happy Kids!

SMARTfit®’s action-based play approach to exercise and learning is a powerful way to help kids transition from school to homework and has proven critical to youth development with inclusive team-building games. Proven success with both athletic and non-athletic youth SMARTfit® eliminates social differences while building social and sports skills. SMARTfit® solutions are used for a wide variety of programs and populations to create healthier and more productive communities.

SMARTfit® takes learning and exercise into an entertaining, play environment enabling children to play while parents are working out. It’s a win-win situation if both child and parent can stay fit: Create an active play area for youth to be entertained and get fit. Offers a fun attraction for birthday parties. Parents will pay extra for a health club membership that offers a fun play area for their children, especially those that aren’t necessarily into sports. Strengthens your market position with a robust youth fitness program. Active Kids are Happy Kids! It is important for kids to fall in love with exercise as they become future members.

How SMARTfit® Works
in Youth Recreation Centers

Kids’ Clubs that feature SMARTfit® systems offer unique equipment and technology that provides kids with physical-cognitive enrichment options that enhance other fitness experiences. Regardless of the intended age group, SMARTfit® systems offer active lessons and sequencing exercises that deliver an array of fitness and sensorimotor options.

Application Companion

SMARTfit® functional and brain training systems are designed with each station featuring its own scoreboard and nine multi-function targets connected to a central CPU featuring a central time clock. Each target display is driven by its own computer which sycs with the CPU to provide coordinated interaction with players. Instructors can configure a comprehensive collection of workouts, drills, and training modes to fit a variety of training scenarios ranging from choice of sports equipment and modes of play; high cardio to low cardio; and high cognitive to low cognitive play. Instructors can control the CPU from a handheld remote control from any location within the gym.

  1. 1
    Operate system remotely via iOS / Android mobile application
  2. 2
    Build custom programs from 37 separate categories and 150 free video supported programs
  3. 3
    Adjustable cognitive intensity and physical exertion levels
  4. 4
    Hundreds of unique modes of operation
  5. 5
    Individual user accounts
  6. 6
    Track and record user performance and results
  7. 7
    Store and recall unique user presets
  8. 8
    Coordinated healthcare, and engage patients in varying levels of cognitive intensity.

Our Scientific Advisors

Our scientific advisors have an amazing collection of credentials and include individuals who represent prestigious clinical organizations and are actively working as authorities in their fields of study.

Beth Fisher
“Everything in Parkinson’s research points to the need for combining cognitive challenges with physical activities- I cannot think of a better way to do that than with SMARTfit.”
Professor of Clinical Physical Therapy Director, Neuroplasticity and Imaging Laboratory Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy University of Southern California
Christopher Powers
“SMARTfit takes the focus of the player off the mechanics and moves it to the external, forcing the brain to solve two problems at the same time. It solves the big missing part in rehab because we want carry-over onto the field. SMARTfit is a great tool to test if that is happening. Further studies will help us to measure its full effectiveness.”
USC Professor
Director, Biokinesiology Program
Co-Director, Biomechanics Research Lab
Charles Y. Liu
“I am extremely intrigued and optimistic that SMARTfit will prove to be an exceptionally effective and important tool that combines cognitive and motor training in unique and endless combinations to address a multitude of indications within the athletic and medical realms.”
Professor, Neurosurgery, Neurology, and Biomedical Engineering USC Director, USC Neurorestoration Center
Charles Flowers
“I have been using SMARTfit on patients who have post-concussion syndrome and seeing most of their symptoms completely resolved within 2-3 weeks. I look forward to conducting a formal study to validate my findings.”
Clinical Associate Professor of Opthamology at USC Roski Eye Institute at Keck School of Medicine
Director of Sports Vision Training and Visual Rehab Center at USC Roski Eye Institute

SMARTfit® provides the youth development sector with a new approach to combined exercise, learning, and fun. The sytems are pre-loaded with extensive programming options that are easy to access and implement. To discover how development specialists like you are using SMARTfit® in their organizations, please request a consultation to discuss your project.

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