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Gamified Activities
for Youth Recreation Centers

Gamified Workouts for Youth Recreational Centers

SMARTfit® offers highly engaging functional and brain training programs for kids clubs and youth recreational centers that require minimal staffing while serving large groups. Programs provide exciting fitness and socially engaging learning options for youth of all ages, skill level and ability.

SMARTfit for Kids

SMARTfit @ Fuze Fit For a Kid

Youth Home

A new approach to combined exercise, learning, and fun.


Kids Clubs and After-School Programs

Stimulating activities give you the academic edge regardless of age and ability level.


Engaging fitness and action based learning of academic content for early childhood, elementary and special needs kids.

Special Needs

Proven cognitive, motor and fitness activities for child care, and child development.

Active Kids are Happy Kids!

SMARTfit’s gamified team-building approach to exercise and learning is a powerful way to help kids transition from school to homework. Proven success with both athletic and non-athletic youth SMARTfit eliminates social differences while building social and sports related skills without being classified as a sport.

“We installed the SMARTfit Multi-trainer and the kids, staff, board and community love it. It’s our first step to enhancing triple play. . . This product addresses all aspects including the mind, body and soul with academic features as well as increased physical activity, cognitive enhancement and fun. The first day of the program had kids that never go to the gym involved and actively participating, including 2 teenage girls who make the A honor roll every time and don’t go to the gym.” Amy Nalley, Executive Director, Boys and Girls Club Eden

How SMARTfit Works in Youth Recreation Centers

SMARTfit provides kids with a fun approach to physical, motor and cognitive development in a way that can lead to lifelong enjoyment of exercise. Regardless of age or ability, SMARTfit’s scalable programming can be delivered to meet the needs of everyone.

SMARTfit provides a new approach to combined exercise, learning, and fun. The sytems are pre-loaded with extensive programming options that are easy to access and implement. To discover how development specialists like you are using SMARTfit in their organizations, please request a videoconference to discuss your project and see how SMARTfit can be easily adapted to meet your needs.


SMARTfit ProTrainer

SMARTfit ProTrainer 2

SMARTfit MultiStation

SMARTfit Multistation 4

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